What is Control Engineering?

Control engineering has a broad area of study. You will learn from mathematics as the basis to classical and modern/advanced control theory, from software to hardware. Because it is a study that goes across many different applications, it is said that control engineers will always be able to get a job anywhere, so we highly recommend this field of study to students who want to take parts in multidisciplinary career. Although the goal is simply to "move something", you will have to learn thoroughly from basic theory to implementation techniques.

Research Life

You will join study sessions a few times a week during the first semester. At the same time you will have discussions regarding your topic of interest in individual meetings, laboratory meetings, and team meetings. When you produce results, you will present it in domestic and international conferences. We have relationships with several electronic manufacturers, automobile manufacturers and academic institutes. You may even be possible to visit or stay at different institutes for a few weeks to months to conduct experiments as a part of cooperative research projects. We strongly believe that the experience at the forefront research scene such as experiences at top companies can make a student a spectacular researcher. We expect energetic students who are willing to cope with the difficulties and face new challenges. We will always provide the greatest support to those with the greatest motivation and effort.

Master's / Doctoral Course

To enter our laboratory, it is necessary to take an entrance exam of either Department of Advanced Energy Graduate School of Frontier Sciences The University of Tokyo or Department of Electrical Engineering & Information Systems Graduate School of Engineering The University of Tokyo. Please contact  Prof. Fujimoto in advance.

 Laboratory Tours

We have some lab tours during a year, which are in following months:

We recommend anyone interested in our laboratory to participate in a tour.

The schedule will be updated in "What's New" on Top Page.


For the purpose of securing students' research time, we do not accept individual lab tours.

If you want to join us, please check here. Our policy of acceptance of international students is shown.